Saturday, February 1, 2014


No, that isn't the word for the year.

But anyone that is around me much might think so.  As it "seriously" is a great word for the every "days" in my life.  The word "seriously". 

As this week has progressed it has become evident that my days are very complicated for me. 

Do you ever just have one of those days, or ....weeks.....or months?

You know the ones?   Where everything breaks, or no one can get along, or things just aren't right?
Or, you finally have to say "it can only get better, because it can't get much worse"!

Well, after prayerful consideration and some creative jewelry work......


my word for the year is simplify!

Again, if you know me very well and have been to my home, that is a HUGE word for me as I am continually struggling to home, my activities and involvement in things, and my...BRAIN.  Ugggggg!

But the next step in this process of picking a word is to.....

pray on it.  Give it to God.  Find a scripture that I can relate it to.

I thought that would be halfway the easy part.

Seriously...ya just google it!

R.I.G.H.T.  ....not easy.  Googling it and finding one that is "year WORTHY"....right! (that's me being sarcastic)  Again the pressure of a "scripture". 

So now is when I have to share what has been helpful.  It's a book.  And I HATE to read.  But I dusted off this book I've had on my nightstand for a couple years to find the "perfect" scripture.

"100 ways to Simplify your Life" by Joyce Meyer

SERIOUSLY (yes it was the runner up for the word of the year).

This morning that book was going to give me the answer for the scripture to go with my word.

Well the problem was I couldn't pick one.....HA! So many, many great ones!

So I will keep you posted on what I end up with.

But I'm leaving you today with I will be working on physical clutter in my home today...

Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring (in fierce hunger) seeking someone to seize upon and devour.
1 Peter 5:8

"Your body is the baggage you must carry through life.  The more excess baggage, the shorter the trip." -Arnold H. Glasgow (taken from the Joyce Meyer book)

And as I read Chapter 15 of Joyce's book...she talks about the gardener referencing Isaiah 18:5....The "sucker branches" that suck and never add to the value of a tree that we need to trim off so later on the tree becomes more attractive.  Where is your excess?  Is it the physical excess in your home? The mental excess due to over commitments?  Relationship issues possibly because of excessive talk in turn needing to listen more??

I have trouble in all the above areas...but for today....I will work on one...

My start to SIMPLIFY.

Many blessings to you, as you work through your week of challenges.  And remember, as I remind myself...we are NOT alone!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I continually stress over what to write on this page.


Is it important to say?

It will be FOREVER "out there" for the world.  eeekkkkk!!!

And who really cares?

original painting created by my youngest chick

2014 will be the year....MY YEAR...

to try not to stress over perfection


to focus on what matters most!

This is what I'm praying about....the ONE word that I will focus on for the year.

Ok, I admit it is an idea I got from a good friend .

New Years resolutions never seem to work for me, so I don't make them.

But this ONE word....with GOD's help....will hopefully help to Refocus me....MY NEW YEAR.

And maybe YOU can help keep me accountable.

I will keep you posted on the one word!

Many blessings to you as you begin this NEW year....

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

baby it's COLD out!

It is already November. 

Yes, I suppose it should be the season for the weather to get cold.  But I never quite appreciate the warmth like I should.

Cold weather makes me thankful for ...

A warm home.

A bowl of soup. (oh and the LOVE of crock pot cooking)!

The glow of a fire, candle, or both!

New winter gloves. (Mostly new because the chicks keep losing theirs). 

Lotion for my dry, dry,......DRY  hands.

That my farmer doesn't make me go feed the cows in the mornings! (Actually glad he does it all the time!)  HA HA.

Well, my list could go on and on of my "Thanks".
But this is the month......the month to give THANKS!

Seems like this time of year fall hits and Christmas is in the stores.  Makes me a bit sad that we skip the season of "Thanks" to focus on the BIG holiday.

What are you thankful for?  What warms you?

An unexpected trip off the farm with my littlest chick....that warms my heart!

Sometimes its the little things. 

I hope as I remind myself, that you too can take a breath and see all that is right in front of you that you can be thankful for!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Time is NOW

Well honestly I have to be truthful....Sometimes I KNOW how to do some things....
OK  well actually there are people (my family for an example) that think if I don't do things MY way then "mom" just won't like it at all.

Ugggg...that is SO disappointing as I really DON'T want people to think I KNOW EVERYTHING. Am I the only one that thinks they know it ALL? 

Oh I know what you are thinking....I have a BIG head.

NO!  No I don't!
(ok well maybe sometimes)

I have realized that to be the "know it all" is not usually a good thing.

So my solution ....

well listen to others. (At least try to.) 

And lately as I listen to others I am realizing how great a life I really have.
A friend of mine recently made a  post on Facebook that simply stated .....if you have need of prayer just comment. He was using FB as a tool to lift others up in prayer...for concerns and joys.

But it also made me see how grateful I should be. 

It is better to give than receive...yes that is what I've been told...but it is SO true.
It makes my heart so happy to give.

And it is humbling to see how much others DON'T have.

The TIME IS NOW.....for you to experience how great it can be to give!

1st  MOVIE NIGHT at the BARN
Friday, NOVEMBER 1
admittance will be donations for
a wonderful opportunity to change the life of a child
7 p.m - 10 p.m.
Movie, snacks, and fun for kids 7-12 grade
 (sorry mom and dad)
But ANYONE may drop off donations.
THE TIME IS let God be BIG!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big news.....Big....HUGE!!!

The news?...well I will get to that,
 but first....
Have you really stopped to think about that.......
you know....the word
Big, as an adjective, is defined (on the web) as
 "of considerable size, extent, or intensity" or "of considerable importance or seriousness".

 When did you last hear that word?  What was it describing?
Some people have BIG feet!
A big nose!
How about big ears?  
No matter how quiet I can speak, one of my little chicks seems to hear ALL I say. 
Mostly when I don't want her to. 
In the '80's I remember having BIG hair!  Hee Hee! (That's dating me!)
Oh and I can't forget my BIG drink!  LOVE the Sonic route 44 tea...extra ice! yum!
And I did have a BIG weekend
as I was honored to be a part of the grand opening at the most adorable shop around
"The Cottage Collective".
 (In Kechi, KS...incase you were wondering.)


But does BIG mean better??
Maybe that depends on what we are talking about. 
Lets talk candles.  
 I'm sure you have your favorite scents and brands. 
My guess it is from somewhere BIG.  Like a big store, or a big name brand.
 My new LOVE ...big? it should be!...Have you heard of Poema Creations Candles and body care products? 
They are handcrafted with the most natural ingredients.  
My new friend Missy creates each item with lots of love.
  No big store, and no big semi to haul the products. 
 So I don't think that bigger is always better. 
(Oh and she is at the cute cottage store too! )
All the "BIG" talk reminds me of the other day... 
 seeing my kids' hearts hurting 
because of some kids around them that think they are BIG...
thinking they have considerable importance! 
You know the type....don't you??
And it is a tough lesson to learn.  
As I try to explain, it doesn't get much easier to deal with those kind of people
even as they grow older.
THE BIG NEWS or maybe I should say "reminder" is that
 GOD is BIG.
And God can give me a BIG heart
 as life isn't about how BIG I am or how BIG my barn is....
because God is BIGGER!
I will have succeeded as a mom if I can teach my chicks
 it is about how BIG their hearts are for others....
(not how big their house is or how big their business is).
One last thought I had to share (not knowing who to give credit to) but worth remembering....
"people may not remember exactly what you did or what you said (or how big you are)
but they will always remember HOW you made them FEEL."
It is our daily goal here on the farm and at our barn
to put on a BIG smile and have a BIG heart.
Because God is BIGGER!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

perfectly imperfect!

I have realized as I grow that I'm a perfectionist.  I use to think that was a good be perfect.  But I'm learning that because of that, I procrastinate.  If I can't start and finish a project perfectly then I just better not even start.

A project that I have put off, painting these tired old doors.


As I searched my basement for the paint I wanted to use (Miss Mustard Seed - for the old chippy look), I realized I was out! But as the cool morning air started to fade I made up my mind to not put off another project.

Frustrated, another job not up to my "perfect" standard...wrong paint.  Uggg!

I start painting anyway and noticed the amazing doors.  So worn, beat up, and incomplete.  And then it hit, these doors, with their imperfections makes my heart so happy. 

I LOVE chippy paint,  rusted things, old wood,  vintage worn material.


So the question is, why am so concerned about being perfect, when what I love so much and what gives me true joy are all things that are imperfect? 
IMperfect!  Yes I need the reminding!   


Sunday, August 25, 2013


As I sit here in my kitchen ....(and NO it usually isn't this clean!)...

trying to figure out how to begin my "blogging" journey...looking at a blank slate, I think back to art class.  The blank, empty canvas is intimidating and scary.  Just add a smear of paint, color or glue and the process has begun... and ....well...maybe not that bad.  So hear it goes, my first post out there for EVERYONE to see...eekkkk.  It is a change! Change can be scary or exciting or even both! And I will admit I'm a tad on the scared side.

But here at the BARN, we welcome change.

The change in weather, cooler air a relief for farm animals and crops.

The change in schedules, whether it is farm, home, school, sports, church...I enjoy a routine which comes as fall approaches. 

But most importantly a change in LIVES and HEARTS!

We are so excited about some CHANGING with our upcoming events this fall....(I just about can't stand it any longer!)  This week we will fill you in.

But for now, I need to go tend to some chores before the kiddos start a fresh week of school. Ok, yes, I need to get the laundry done so they have FRESH clothes.

Blessings to you for a wonderful week!